Thank you

We are so thankful for all the help, love and support that we have gotten from so many people.  Without all of you, we would not be where we are today.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Grandma Shirley - 

Wil (with one L) Shaeffer and his family - Wil was the first 

Jace Morris - Jace is not only an outstanding player, but has always been a friend to us and someone that has pushed Andre to be the best.  While attending the Elite Junior Pickleball Academy, Jace was great competition for Andre and helped him be the great player that he is today.  Thanks Jace!

Patrick Cote - Patrick was our first coach and we have learned so much from him.  Patrick always poured everything he had into our lessons and was a major reason why we are where we are today.  Thank you Patrick!

Ryan Treffrey - As the Head Pro at Legacy, Ryan....

Caden Nemoff

Zach Silvernail - Zach is such an amazing and unselfish guy!  Picklemall hit the Jackpot when they hired him to run their facility in Tempe!  Zach has always been a great friend and from the beginning has encouraged Andre to be the best he can be.  When I was injured, Zach did not hesitate to step in and help with Andre's high level training and hit with Andre many times, to make sure he didn't skip a beat.  Thanks so much Zach for being awesome!

Pesa - 

Scottsdale Scorchers Coach - 

PJ - Pro/Junior tournament - play with us - hit with Andre when I was injured.  Great guy!

PJ Pro - 


Indoor courts

Ryan Howard (and his amazing family)

Anna Leigh Waters and Leigh Waters 


Valerie Thompson - Valerie was instrumental in our success!  Without her unselfishly allowing us to train at her house, we would not be where we are today.  Valerie was so welcoming and always made sure we had a place to train.  She always treated Andre like a son and she always encouraged him to be the best he could be.  Thank you so much Valerie for all of your love and support!

DConn - 

Smiley Riley - 

Rian Weston Dodds - 

Hilton - 

Horizon Park Players - 

Thompson Peak Park Players - 

Brett Warner

Nicoletta Chadwick

Team Gearbox

Michael Muscari - 

C.J. Hoyt and Chicken-N-Pickle

Founder of C-N-P

Giri Sharma

Jason Sherman

T -

Alan and Rian Dodds -

Nathan Tang and his wonderful family - 

ASU Pickleball Club - 

JJ Stone and the GCU Pickleball team - 


Jack Sahid and the Sahid Family

My wife Sulema

Daughter Alexis

Alex Raad

The Morning Crew at Horizon Park

Shine Pinao


San Carlos Pickleball Club - 

All the Juniors

The Amazing Lam Family

George - George and his wife

Jake Anderson

John Mastroangelo

Jacob Barrus -

Mark Dmyterko

Dr. Charles Mayron -  

God - 

Marta - 

Katie Poole - 

Red Headed Sisters -

Matthew Fisher -