Here are a few testimonials from our Club Members:


From discussions and feedback to drills, play scenarios and video recordings of games, coach Randall's pickleball training has helped take my son's pickleball playing to a new level. He has been a great mentor to my son who plays under the age group of 16 in his junior's pickleball program. I would just say to future prospective students that you will find Randall a very patient, committed and dedicated instructor. He not only covers the fundamentals of pickleball but evaluates each student's strengths and weaknesses and provides individual specific advice. He is not only a great coach but has become a great friend in the process. Thanks for everything Randall.

Neena S.


Coach Randall has helped me progress at pickleball very quickly and increased all assets of my game including skill, consistency, and agility.

Arsh S.


We couldn't have asked for a better coach and team experience in our Pickleball journey! Randall has a passion and profound understanding of the game but also an incredible knack for teaching and motivating the kids to play the right way.

As a team, we felt supported, encouraged, and challenged in the best ways possible. PPC has a fantastic team spirit, emphasizing both individual growth and collective success. We continue to develop strategies, refine techniques, and enhance our overall gameplay.

Moreover, the camaraderie within the team is unparalleled. The teaching atmosphere promotes learning with practices enjoyable and competitive matches thrilling.     

- Hitesh R.


We're immensely grateful for our coach's dedication and the incredible teamwork that has made our experience truly exceptional!"


Hitesh, Jayan, Aashna R.


Coach Randall has been an extraordinary mentor to my son Shraman in Pickleball team of Age group 14-Under, driving remarkable progress of my son's play in just 10 months. Under his guidance, players transitioned from beginners to advanced performers, showcasing tremendous growth. His commitment to physical fitness improvement is commendable, fostering a culture of resilience and dedication. Coach's motivational talks instill a winning mindset, and his proactive approach keeps the team informed about events and opportunities. His innovative use of video analysis for identifying strengths and weaknesses has significantly enhanced player development. Group events and practices are orchestrated with precision, creating an environment where success is not just a goal but a shared journey. – Prasanth Reddy


I am thrilled to share our experience with Coach Randall in the PPC program. His expertise and dedication have truly transformed our sons pickleball game. Randall's exceptional coaching skills, especially with high-level junior players, have taken our athlete to new heights. His ability to connect with kids makes the learning process enjoyable and effective. We're grateful for Coach Randall's impact on our child's journey to the next level in pickleball.
-JP S and Amy S

Coach Randall's pickleball program has been a game-changer. His coaching style is great. I've learned so much under his guidance, and his focus on high-level junior players like me is great. The drills and techniques he introduces have raised my skills and helped me with my tournament play.
 -Ryan S


Coach Randal has been beyond amazing in the progress our son Corbin has made in pickleball in 8 months. His willingness and excitement to take kids and adults to the next level is something very special. Corbin is 16 years old and was born deaf. He is a bi-lateral cochlear implant user. He decided to give up soccer a while back as he just could not give it his all on the soccer pitch without his implants falling off on the field from the rough tackles. Corbin now embodies no limits on the pickleball court without any interference of his implants. His love for this newfound sport has made him so much more confident in his ability to perform. Coach Randall will impact more players in a year than an average person impacts in a lifetime. He is incredibly patient with his students, so much so that his persistence with his students will change failure into extraordinary achievements. Thank you, Randall, for everything you have done to help us ALL improve our game of pickleball.

--The Macpherson Family